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Our Expertise

We provide the necessary sales and marketing expertise that encompass the following:

– Professional Sales Training, Development and Deployment
– Automated CRM / SFA Implementation
– Data Management and Integration (IMS)
– Real-time Call / Samples / Details activity tracking
– Divisional Sales Supervisors
– Compliance Auditing and Sample Management
– Customer Service
– National Account Management
– Regulatory Management
– Product Registration with PRDOH and PR State Department
– Product Warehousing & Distribution
– Collections
– Returns Verification
– Expired Samples / Trade Incineration

Depending on your company’s specific needs, Seyer Pharmatec can provide a wide variety of services, ranging from product registration and island wide product distribution to establishing a dedicated detail sales force that drives your product’s sales to the utmost potential. “Pound for pound” no one has a better-trained, better-equipped, or better-supervised team in Puerto Rico. Our extensive experience in sales force development and deployment with expertise in specialty markets makes us the obvious choice.

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Albery Sanchez Figueroa

In Memoriam

Albery Sanchez Figueroa

Albery was the Vice President & General Manager of Seyer Pharmatec and came to us from Roche Laboratories where he excelled as a Cardiovascular and Neurology Specialist, Hospital Specialist, and Regional Sales Trainer. With more than 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry, holding various sales and marketing positions throughout his career with Baylor Labs, Norwich-Eaton, Proctor and Gamble, Syntex Laboratories, and Roche Pharmaceuticals. At Seyer he was instrumental in the launch of numerous product lines from a variety of companies ranging from Medicis Pharmaceuticals, Ascend Therapeutics, PruGen Dermatology, Merz Aesthetics, Women’s Choice Pharma, and Fidia Pharmaceuticals. He was a mentor to us all, helping our teams reach their full potential and develop professionally.  More than just the boss, Albery always had everyone’s well-being in mind. He was a man of his word and a person that was honest, decent, and virtuous. He was instrumental in helping build Seyer and will always be remembered fondly.