Seyer Derm

The strength of our network and relationships allows us to secure access and affordability to best-in-class generic products to fight acne, fungal infections, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, skin and skin structure infections, seborrhea, and dermatitis.


Seyer also looks for niche opportunities within dermatology and aesthetic medicine. We often align themselves with companies that want to take advantage of Seyer’s presence and dedicated teams that call on and support dermatologists and plastic surgeons that started back in 1996 with the introduction Genderm Corporation and Medicis Dermatology/Aesthetics and later Merz Aesthetics.

Derm Team - Dorado Annual Derm Meeting
Dr. Michael Kane with PR Dermatology Residents
Dr. M. Kane, Albery, MLB and Sheila
EntregaMeds Meeting